These are a pair of leggings composed of yellow, red and white panels trimmed with a blue edge. They are worn by women as part of a Lisu outfit for special occasions or weddings. They are worn in association with headcloth 106/2000/5, belt 106/2000/6, apron 106/2000/2, and jacket 106/2000/7. As the donor information is unavailable for these leggings, details of its exact provenance are unknown.

The Reverend C. Gilhodes notes that the leggings are called ‘shitups’ and that the space below the knee is adorned ‘with an amount of small circles made of cane and painted black, then, add leggings’ (1922:149). Again the leggings can clearly be observed in the reproduction postcard from the V & A collection ‘Lissyu women in gala attire’. A modern example was also commissioned in 2001 on behalf of the James Green Charitable Trust, Brighton (WA508730).

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Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Clothing and accessories
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Production Country
Myanmar (Burma)

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leggings (shittups)