Pleurobranchus aureus: Yellow-plumed sea slug

Although there is a pencil annotation on this drawing by Philip Henry Gosse which reads ‘Pleurobranchus aureus’, this watercolour very closely matches a line drawing on p131 of Gosse’s book ‘Natural History: Mollusca‘ of Pleurobranchus plumula, and is an exact match to the second plate of his book ‘A Naturalists Rambles on the Devonshire Coast’. This species is currently known as Berthella plumula. It occurs along all of Devon’s coasts.

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Fine Art
Collection Class
ink wash and watercolour on paper
Common Name
Pleurobranchus aureus: Yellow-plumed sea slug
Simple Name
Inscription Transcription
Pleurobranchus aureus
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United Kingdom: England
Production Person Initials
Philip Henry
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Pleurobranchus aureus: Berthella plumula: Yellow-plumed sea slug