Magic Lantern Slide: Sundial at Royton Hall

This slide is part of a set recording historic buildings in north west England, and shows a sundial in the garden of Royton Hall, Oldham. The building was subsequently demolished in 1939. It was made by John Crabtree who lived in Lancashire. Census records give Crabtree’s job title as ‘HM Inspector of Factories’ but he was also a keen amateur photographer, and his slides were donated to the museum by his relative who lived in Exeter.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Social and industrial history
glasspaperphotographic emulsion
Common Name
Magic Lantern Slide: Sundial at Royton Hall
Simple Name
Inscription Transcription
handwritten 'Sundial at Royton Hall' [faded, barely legible] on top edge binding strip
Period Classification
Victorian (1837-1901); Edwardian (1901-1914); World War I (1914-1918)
Production Country
United Kingdom
Production Person Initials
John H.
Production Person Surname
Production Year Low
Production Year High

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Lantern Slide: Sundial at Royton Hall