Ribbed vase with blue/green glazes and incised festoon decoration

The four Martin Brothers produced a great amount of Art Pottery in salt-glazed stoneware from their London studio between 1873 and 1923 (when Wallace Martin died).
They created the ‘orange peel’ texture by throwing salt into the kiln.
Their Art Pottery drew on natural forms and colours, and responded to aesthetics from Japan and the Arts and Crafts movement.
RAMM has over sixty pieces of Martinware in the collection and every one has a different design.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Studio ceramics
stoneware (saltglazed) | | | |
Common Name
ribbed vase with blue/green glazes and incised festoon decoration
Simple Name
Period Classification
Edwardian (1901-1914)
Production Town
Production County
Production Country
United Kingdom: England
Production Date
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Production Person Surname
Martin Brothers
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Martin Brothers vase