Touch-Line: Spectator, Topsham Rugby Club

Michelle Sank worked with the players and fans of Exeter Chiefs and local clubs in and around Exeter documenting their enjoyment of the game in the build-up to Rugby World Cup 2015.

She celebrates the details that provide visual hints about who we are, finding the spectacular in the normal: two siblings with red hair perhaps, or a brightly coloured sock.

Working intuitively, Sank is drawn to her subjects by something unique and extraordinary that emanates from them: an aura or spark that punctuates the ‘normal’ and is often shaped by the nature of the encounter. For Sank the interaction with subjects and their stories is as important as the outcome. She describes the subjects of her Touch-Line portraits as ‘incredibly generous and welcoming’.

In making these images, Sank has gained a privileged intimacy into their lives.

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digital C-Type photographic print on
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Touch-Line: Spectator, Topsham Rugby Club
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Modern (1945-)
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United Kingdom: England
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Touch-Line: Spectator, Topsham Rugby Club