Circle of eight Honiton lace circles

In 2012 The Devon Lace Teachers published this eight circle Honiton lace sprig in 'Honiton Lace a collection of rediscovered fillings'. Christine Hawken was a talented maker, teacher and researcher. This and another book of her patterns were sold in her memory with all proceeds given to HospiceCare. When The Devon Lace Teachers dissolved in 2023 they gave Christine's collection to RAMM.

This sprig includes the following fillings: cutworks variation, blossom and circles with a coarse thread, four pin with encircled centre and leadworks with a hole, torchon ground with extra twists, ribs squares and blossom, four snowflakes with hole and a single pair half stitch diamond braid, square whole stitch braids filled with half stitch and double purl bar squares and leadworks.

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circle of eight Honiton lace circles
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circle of eight Honiton lace circles