Mrs Isaac Oliver

Gillie Hoyte Byrom hand paints enamels for a world-wide clientele from her studio in Dartington, Devon. She creates portrait miniatures using traditional vitreous enamel skills taught to her in Barcelona in 1990. some are of living people, others take their inspiration from historic artworks.

The original artwork of Mrs Oliver by her husband is a watercolour on vellum, 50mm. As Oliver married three times, it is not clear which wife this represents, though it is thought to be his third wife Elizabeth Harding by whom he had a son Jacques, baptised 9th January 1609.

• Two coats counter-enamel diamond flux.
• Two coats Soyer opal white over diamond flux on top.
• Hand painted over line drawing, using ‘Sunshine’ range of pigments.
• Inscription on reverse hand written in gold lustre.
• Colours of embroidery on blouse altered to reds and greens with yellow of base metal shining through.
• Background worked in grape black using green 111232, blue 12813 and purple 771234.
• Minimum 12 firings at 750°C

© Gillie Hoyte Byrom

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Enamel on Gold
Hand painted vitreous enamel | 18ct yellow gold | Antique rose gold | |
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Mrs Isaac Oliver
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Gillie IsaacRobert
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Hoyte ByromOliverWood
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Mrs Isaac Oliver