Sinistral ancient neptune: red whelk: buckie

When viewed from the top whelk shells normally spiral in a clockwise direction. This is known as dextral or ‘right handed’. Very rarely a mutation produces snails whose shells coil anticlockwise - they are known as sinistral or ‘left-handed’.

It’s not just the shell of a sinistral whelk that is a mirror image of the more common dextral form; it’s internal organs are on the opposite side too. For molluscs this makes mating very challenging.

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Accession Loan No.
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Collector Excavator
Pitman, Captain Charles Robert Senhouse (from the collection of)
Common Name
sinistral ancient neptune: red whelk: buckie
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Neptunea antiqua (Linnaeus): sinistral shell; ancient neptune, red whelk or buckie