Type specimen. Label found with object (written in 1974): ‘Pentremites robustus Lyon. (specimen with arms figured Eth. & Carp., 1886, Pl. XI. fig. 16,17). Middle Chester ? Illinois Basin USA. A.S. Horowitz’.

Recorded in ‘Catalogue of the Blastoidea in the Sladen Collection, Exeter Museums’ compiled by Dr. A. Breimer, Amsterdam: ‘RC Pentremites robustus Lyon Miss. [Mississippian], M. Chester; ? Illinois Basin. 14 sp., plus several fragments, partly type material (specimen with arms figd. Eth. & Carp., 1886, Pl. XI, fig. 16,17) RC Pentremites robustus Lyon Miss., M. Chester; ? Illinois Basin 5 sp.’

Probably these two collections have been amalgamated.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Natural History
Collection Class
Collection Area Region
North America
Collector Excavator
Sladen, Mr Walter Percy (from the collection of): Horowitz, A S
Common Name
Simple Name
fossil: echinoderm
Period Classification
Victorian (1837-1901)

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ECHINODERMATA; BLASTOIDEA; Spiraculata; Pentremitidae; Pentremites robustus Lyon