Advertising leaflet

This publicity leaflet was printed in London in 1879 by an important Victorian firm of lithographers, Maclure & Macdonald. The leaflet was specially produced for the firm of Mrs J.T. Tucker & Sons of 243 and 244 High Street Exeter. It was commissioned to launch the firms new showrooms which re-opened on May 1st 1879, complete with the latest stock imported from the continent. The cover title ‘Modes Robes & Nouveautes’ reveals this family firm’s stock in trade: fashions, gowns and novelties. The phrase was used on all of Tucker’s packaging, labelling and advertising, clearly stating that the store offered high end fashion along continental lines. The museum collections include examples of gowns, lace and a bonnet made or sold at this establishment in the heart of the city of Exeter.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
printed paperthread (cotton/silk)
Common Name
advertising leaflet
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Production Town
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Production Person Surname
Maclure & Macdonald

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publicity leaflet