Magic Lantern Slide: Paris. Place de la Concorde

This image shows the Place de la Concorde in Paris. It is one of a set of magic lantern slides by William Weaver Baker showing landmarks in Paris around 1900. Baker was better known for his slides of Exeter, but was possibly visiting Paris at this time for the Exposition Universelle. The photograph shows two of the eight statues representing cities of France, with crowned women seated on top of small square buildings, laid out around the obelisk. The Luxor Oblelisk is at the centre of the slide, made from rose granite in the reign of Ramesses II and originally located outside Luxor temple. It was installed as a gift in Place de la Concorde in 1836.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Social and industrial history
glasspaperphotographic emulsion
Common Name
Magic Lantern Slide: Paris. Place de la Concorde
Simple Name
Inscription Transcription
handwritten 'PLACE de la CONCORDE' on top edge; handwritten 'Paris Place de la Concorde.' on mount
Period Classification
Victorian (1837-1901)
Production Country
United Kingdom
Production Person Initials
W. Weaver
Production Person Surname
Production Year Low

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Lantern Slide: Paris. Place de la Concorde