Low-spired tight-mouthed chrysalis-snail

In 1911 Thomas Vernon Wollaston’s sister-in-law donated part of his Madeiran shell collection to RAMM. It includes shells from his friend RT Lowe. The original box is marked α rupestris.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Collection Area Region
West Africa
Collector Excavator
Shepherd, Miss (from the collection of): Wollaston, Mr Thomas Vernon
Common Name
low-spired tight-mouthed chrysalis-snail
Simple Name
mollusc: shell
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Production Year Low

Production Year High

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LAURIIDAE: Leiostyla (Leiostyla) sphinctostoma (R T Lowe) var. spira-depressa Lowe: low-spired tight-mouthed chrysalis-snail