Common soapwort

Manx National Heritage transferred this herbarium sheet to RAMM in 2023 as part of a collections review.

Cyril Paton (1874-1949) was a a school master in South London but had a fascination for the Isle of Man. His interest in botany and entomology began at a young age and started collecting plants around 1912. He corresponded with the British Museum (now Natural History Museum) for help identifying specimens and in turn donated plants to their collection. His specialist knowledge of the Manx flora resulted in the publication of a new handlist for the island in 1933.

Both Cyril and his younger brother Roger had a deep mistrust of motorised vehicles. John Brown writes, ‘they deplored the coming of the internal combustion engine and would not travel by car or bus. Field meetings of the Society were reached on bicycle or foot and more distant botanical expeditions that could not be undertaken by train might necessitate several days on the road". In 1949 Cyril was hit by a motorcycle and died.

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Northern Europe
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common soapwort
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Inter War (1918-1939)
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Caryophyllaceae: Saponaria officinalis: common soapwort