Fragment of fireplace

This is a fragment of a carved stone fireplace from the dining hall of the Vicars Choral, Exeter. The dining hall was refurbished in around 1519 by John Ryse, the Cathedral’s treasurer. It is decorated with the heraldic shields of past bishops - from left to right John Grandisson (mostly missing), Thomas Brantingham, Edmund Lacy and Hugh Oldham. That of Bishop Marshall has not survived.
The hall was almost completely destroyed in the Baedecker Blitz raids of 1942. The fireplace was salvaged and placed in RAMM and was conserved in 2019.

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Collection Class
Architectural fragments
Collection Area Region
Northern Europe
Beer stone | | | |
Common Name
fragment of fireplace
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Period Classification
Medieval (1200-1500); Post Medieval (1500-1750)
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carved stone fireplace with heraldic shields of Bishops Grandisson, Brantingham, Lacy and Oldham