Trechus Umbricola

Thomas Vernon Wollaston published this drawing in his book ‘Insecta Maderensia’ in 1854. In the book he thanks Westwood for providing the illustrations, ‘Particularly, however, would I draw attention to the valuable help which I have received from J. O. Westwood, Esq., whose pencil has been so elaborately employed in the figures which I am thus enabled to attach, and by whom many of the minutest of the dissections were accomplished, — with a degree of delicacy, moreover, to which I did not myself at the commencement of this Work (though I have since succeeded in anatomizing the larger portion of them, likewise) lay claim.’

50. Trechus umbricola, Woll. (Tab. II. fig. 3.). Wollaston wrote the following about this species:

‘Readily known by its large, elongated outline and dark piceous hue,—its legs and antennae, and the suture behind, being alone pale. [...] it would appear moreover to be one of the rarer, or at any rate the more local, species. It is confined to the damp sylvan districts of intermediate and lofty elevations ; and seems to be commoner in the region of the Lombo dos Pecegueiros than in any other portion of the island which I have had an opportunity of investigating,— where, during July 1850, 1 captured it from beneath stones and decaying logs of wood in comparative abundance. I have Likewise taken it, though more sparingly, on the Lombo das Vacas, in June ; as also at the Cruzinhas and the Fanal.’

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watercolour on paper
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Trechus Umbricola
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Victorian (1837-1901)
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John Obadiah
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Trechus Umbricola Woll