Puff adder

Part of a collection of African specimens including bird eggs and reptiles (mostly snakes) donated by Captain CRS Pitman of London in 1959. These juvenile snakes were collected at Newala by CJP Ionides on 7 January 1958. Original label bears the number R3666. Image shows 51/1939/23-27

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Collection Area Region
East Africa
Collector Excavator
Pitman, Captain Charles Robert Senhouse (from the collection of): Ionides, Mr Constantine J P
Common Name
puff adder
Simple Name
reptile: preserved in spirit
Period Classification
Modern (1945-); Modern (1900-)
Production Town

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Production Year Low

Production Year High

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VIPERIDAE: Bitis arietans (Merrem): puff adder