Brian Rice’s print ‘Change’ consists of a black square with ten thin repeating bands of colour echoing the square shape. The bands repeat twice starting with yellow, grey, sky blue, burgundy and salmon pink. Over the top of the large black square is a semi-transparent cross painted in opaque white. The cross is layered and appears to be positioned over the top of the black square. The cross has the effect of frosted glass obscuring and muting the colours below. Rice uses define shapes and clean lines to create an optically provoking print.

Born in Yeovil, Brian Rice studied at Yeovil School of Art and Goldsmith's College, London. He lived in Somerset until he was twenty (1956). During the 1960s he produced abstract paintings and prints influenced by the De Stijl group and European Constructivists of the 1920s and 30s. It was the period from 1962-1978 when he lived and worked in London that marked the formative years in this artist’s career, strengthening both the conviction of his abstract work and his reputation.

In the mid-1970s he moved to the West Country. He then bought a fifty acre farm in West Dorset where he immersed himself in farming. His only contact with the art world was teaching at Brighton polytechnic. In 1978 Rice rejected London, its art scene and abstract painting. More recently his works have explored the primitive essence of shape and colour, echoing his lifelong love of archaeology. He continued to work slowly, developing a visual language that was part of a dialogue with the past, inspired by the marks made by prehistoric man and the archaeology of the Dorset landscape. Brian Rice has also pursued a successful career in teaching and was Chairman of the Printmakers Council of Great Britain from 1974 to 1977. In 1995 he had his first solo exhibition for 16 years, a point which marked Rice’s renewed commitment to life as an artist.

© Brian Rice

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Accession Loan No.
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screenprint on paper
glasspaperphotographic emulsion
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A/P; ‘Change’; Brian Rice ‘69
Period Classification
Modern (1945-)
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United Kingdom
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