Scymnus Flavopictus

Thomas Vernon Wollaston published this drawing in his book ‘Insecta Maderensia’ in 1854. In the book he thanks Westwood for providing the illustrations, ‘Particularly, however, would I draw attention to the valuable help which I have received from J. O. Westwood, Esq., whose pencil has been so elaborately employed in the figures which I am thus enabled to attach, and by whom many of the minutest of the dissections were accomplished, — with a degree of delicacy, moreover, to which I did not myself at the commencement of this Work (though I have since succeeded in anatomizing the larger portion of them, likewise) lay claim.’

360. Scymnus flavopictus, Woll. (Tab. X. fig. 2.). Wollaston wrote the following about this species:

A very distinct and elegant little Scymnus, and, like the S. Limnichoides, one of the most truly indigenous members of the Madeiran Coleoptera,—occurring not only in gardens near Funchal (where it is extremely rare), but also in remote spots within the sylvan districts ; and even on the Flat Dezerta, where it is comparatively abundant. [...] It appears, in still weather, to be peculiarly active on the wing, — under which circumstances most of my Dezertan specimens were obtained. The almost magical effect of a sudden calm at sea on insects of this description has been already alluded to.

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watercolour on paper
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Scymnus Flavopictus
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Victorian (1837-1901)
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John Obadiah
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Scymnus Flavopictus Woll