Finger ring with inscription

This silver ring dates to 1200-1400. It is inscribed ‘+ANNA . MATER . S MARIE’ which refers to St Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary. The cult of St Anne celebrated both family life and literacy. She is often shown teaching Mary how to read, emphasising the importance of female education. Such a scene can be found in the Speke Chapel of Exeter Cathedral.
The ring was found by James Forster when metal-detecting near Axminster. It is a special find for him as it was found on his wedding anniversary.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Devon archaeology
Collection Area Region
Northern Europe
silver | | | |
Common Name
finger ring with inscription
Simple Name
ring (finger)
Inscription Transcription
+ANNA . MATER . S MARIE; saltire; cross
Period Classification
Medieval (1200-1500)
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ring with inscription to St Anne