This moss specimen was collected by Mr I H Burkill an Economic Botanist to the Botanical Survey of India and later Director of the Botanical Gardens in the Straits Settlements in Singapore.

It was collected at the summit between Serpo and Lalik, at an altitude of 5,100 ft on 28 January 1912.

In 1911 the British Crown launched an expedition to punish Indian people in the Abor region near the Assam border for killing a British government official and his party (India was under British rule at this time). Several of the government’s scientific staff, including Burkill, accompanied the military to survey the land and its resources. It was called the Abor Expedition.

Burkill sent the specimens to HN Dixon for identification who published his findings in 1914 in the Records of the Botanical Survey of India Volume VI, 3. Dixon sent specimens to the Natural History Museum in London and the Botanic Gardens in Calcutta.

The 40 specimens at RAMM are in George Brook Savery’s (1874-1937) collection. He was a member of the Devonshire Association and had a particular interest in mosses, brambles and roses. A letter dated 27 August 1912 from Burkill to Savery gives details of where the specimens were collected. We can assume that the moss specimens were sent to Savery from Burkill.

In the journal article Dixon writes: ‘I have compared this with the Khasian specimens in Hooker's herbarium, referred (erroneously) by Mitten to the Malaysian D. reflexifolium C. M., but distinguished by C. Müller and forming the type of his D. subrcflexifolium. It agrees in nearly every detail, the toothing of the leaves varies in Hooker and Thomson’s plant, being often weaker than, but at times equal to, that of the Abor specimen ; and the leaves are a shade closer, and not markedly fragile, as they are to some extent in the latter ; the seta also is a shade shorter; but the differences are minute in comparison with the general agreement, and I do not think it is possible to separate them.’

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Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Collection Area Region
South Asia
Collector Excavator
Savery, Mr George Brook (from the collection of): Burkill, Mr Isaac Henry
Common Name
Simple Name
Period Classification
Edwardian (1901-1914)

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DICRANACEAE: Dicranoloma subreflexifolium (Müll. Hal.) Paris