Mummy board of Iw-s-hesw-Mwt

This Egyptian mummy board is made from wood and plaster and decorated with brightly coloured images. The colour pigments include ‘Egyptian blue’ and Orpiment, which in its raw state is toxic. Traces of small panels of hieroglyphic text tell us this woman was a Chantress of Amun from Thebes. For nearly 200 years this woman was thought to be called Au-Set-Shu-Mut. But recent research has revealed we have been calling her by the wrong name. She was actually called Iw-s-hesw-Mwt.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Foreign archaeology
Collection Area Region
North Africa
Collector Excavator
Fuller, Fitzherbert, Rev
Common Name
mummy board of Iw-s-hesw-Mwt
Simple Name
mummy board, human remains
Period Classification
3rd Intermediate Period (Dynasties 21-25) - 1070-661 BC
Production Country
Production Year Low
Production Year High

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mummy board of Au-set-shu Mut (Mwt), Iw-s-hesw-Mwt