Magistrate’s certificate and container

Certificate No. 5556 was issued on the 14 April 1877, this official document identifies an African worker named Plaatje Menze as a subject of the British Crown. He was likely one of the mine workers. One can see that the official language used at the time is now offensive.

This document was signed by the donor who was in post at the time as Resident Magistrate for the Victoria Division of Cape Colony (Cape of Good Hope).

Donated by Percy Nightingale on 31 July 1878. We have no knowledge of who Plaatje Menze is.

W. 190 x H. 113 mm

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Archives and images
Collection Area Region
Common Name
Magistrate’s certificate and container
Simple Name
sheath and box and pass
Production County
Cape Colony
Production Country
South Africa
Production Date
14 April 1877
Production Year High

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Magistrate’s certificate and container