The feathers of this ceremonial headdress come from the Scarlet Macaw and the toucan. These feathers have been inserted into a basketry crown. Feathers remain a valued commodity; the bird of origin and the feather colours relate to their mythology e.g. red for blood.

Dr Hubert Carlton Whitlock’s family are connected to Demerara through the De Kinderen plantation his father purchased as a joint owner with Walter Urquhart in 1830. Whitlock was a curator at the Georgetown museum in Guyana.

Accession reg: uses the noun ‘arok’ to describe this headdress. However, in the Akawaio and Arekuna languages, arok means hat.

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Clothing and accessories
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South America
macaw and toucan feathers | cane | vegetable fibre | vegetable fibre |
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Guyana; Brazil
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feather headdress