Jane Kingdon, paternal grandmother of Mr Kent Kingdon

‘Jane Kingdon’ portrait (the paternal grandmother of Mr Kent Kingdon), by Andrew Plimer, c. 1810-1816. This oil on panel depicts Jane Kingdon in head and shoulders as an middle-aged to elderly woman; she is seated right to left and wrapped in a red shawl. She wears a black dress with high white lace collar and white lace mob cap over tightly curled brown hair.

Kent Kingdon (1810-1889) was a key figure in the foundation of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Kingdon was primarily an upholsterer, who also collected. He collected much in the field of the fine and decorative arts. He collected works by local artists William Widgery and John Gendall in particular. Kingdon left £6000 to RAMM, for building works and for the establishment of a trust which still works today to help the museum and library. His large collections of fine art and decorative art now forms part of the museum’s collection.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Fine Art
Collection Class
oil on panel
Common Name
Jane Kingdon, paternal grandmother of Mr Kent Kingdon
Simple Name
Inscription Transcription
RAM cat 99
Period Classification
Regency (1811-1820)
Production Town
Production Country
United Kingdom: England
Production Person Initials
Production Person Surname
Production Year Low
Production Year High

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Jane Kingdon (paternal grandmother of Mr Kent Kingdon)