Attenuate mangelia shell, Mangelia attentuata

Shells from George Montagu’s collection (syntypes).

Montagu described these specimens as Murex attenuatus in Montagu G 1803. Testacea Britannica. Part 1. p. 266–267, Tab. 9 fig. 6.

Shells examined by G Spada - lectotype selected but not published (Moll4255a). Only one of these specimens is M. attenuatus

For more information see Oliver, P.G. et al. Type specimens of Mollusca described by Col. George Montagu in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter and The Natural History Museum, London. Zoosystematics and Evolution 2018. This paper is open access.

In January 2020 the Montagu Collection was awarded Designated status by Arts Council England. This mark of distinction recognises the collection’s international significance to the scientific community - it is the most intact and taxonomically important collection of British shells of the early 19th century (1800-1816) to be found anywhere in the UK.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Collection Area Region
Northern Europe
Collector Excavator
Montagu, Colonel George (from the collection of)
Common Name
attenuate mangelia shell, Mangelia attentuata
Simple Name
mollusc: shell
Period Classification
George III (1760-1811)

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MANGELIIDAE: Mangelia attentuata (Montagu, 1803): attenuate mangelia