About Us

South West Collections Explorer was created to present museum collections online in an open and interactive way.

It is intended to give any online visitor an insight into each participating museum’s collection. This is why we have records with descriptions and photos, not just raw data.

Using the website

You can search across all collections or just within one museum’s collection. You can also browse within collections.

Using social media links and bespoke features lets you save and share your discoveries with friends and engage in a dialogue with the participating museums.

Add collections content to your website

Create a search box or a random object generator box for your website. Just add the widget builder code to your web page.

Funding and contact

This product was funded by Arts Council England and developed by the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM) with the Museum of Somerset.

If you are interested in having your museum collection included on this website please contact Rick Lawrence at RAMM.

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