Magic Lantern Slide: Tintern Abbey

This image is one of a series showing Tintern Abbey in Wales. The image is by William Weaver Baker who generally took photographs of buildings and objects in Exeter, but did travel further afield to take architectural images. Tintern had been a ‘romantic ruin’ during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but the ivy which contributed to this atmosphere was removed by the Office of Works in the early twentieth century. The foliage visible in this photograph suggests it was taken prior to the removal of the ivy, so dates the image to before 1928.

Object Summary

Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Social and industrial history
glasspaperphotographic emulsion
Common Name
Magic Lantern Slide: Tintern Abbey
Simple Name
Inscription Transcription
handwritten 'TINTERN' on top edge; handwritten 'Tintern Abbey' on mount
Production Country
United Kingdom
Production Person Initials
W. Weaver
Production Person Surname

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Lantern Slide: Tintern Abbey