Roughly carved in softwood, a sceptre in the form of a woman kneeling in an act of supplication carrying a pot of water on her head. This wasn’t produced for domestic use but as a trade item in 19th century Kongo.

A Kongo chief’s sceptre/ staff, possibly intended for a chief associated with missionaries, although the Roman Catholic church had important influence on the Kongo nobility during the early contact period.

The Kongo chief’s staff (mvwala) was an instrument of memory and communication. Chief’s powers derive from their mediation between the mirrored worlds of the living and the dead, which, when proper relations are maintained allows healthy cohesion of the clan. Whoever holds such a position must therefore be of exemplary character.

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Religion and magic
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Central Africa
wood | | | |
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diamond-shaped motifs on woman’s body - possibly scarification markings
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sceptre/staff (mvwala)